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How to Crack SBI Clerk Exam without Coaching


How to Crack SBI Clerk Exam

SBI Clerk is regarded as one of the most important exams in all of the banking exams conducted by State Bank of India. It is considered a highly secured and pivotal job in the banking sector. Securing the job is a little difficult considering the difficulty in the test paper, the pattern changes every year and also due to the vast competition but it is not impossible. If gone through proper guidance and strategies, you can also be the one who gets selected in the first attempt.

If you are thinking to give SBI Clerk this year or it’s your first attempt or you are worried about which coaching institute to join and what to do, then BINGO! You are the right place. We are here to guide through the process and explain how to crack SBI Clerk without coaching.

The Process of SBI Clerk Selection:

  1. Prelims examination
  2. Mains examination
  3. Interview
Crack SBI Clerk Exam without Coaching
Crack SBI Clerk Exam without Coaching

The perfect plan to clear SBI Clerk Prelims or Mains in the first attempt WITHOUT coaching and it is only three words: Plan, strategize and implement.

Now let’s go through each one of them!


  • Going through the previous papers

Before we start with the preparation, it is very important to go through the patterns and previous papers and get aware of them. Since the patterns in the bank exams will be changing occasionally, it is necessary to go through a lot of previous papers and get accompanied by their questions and the difficulty.

  • Noting down the areas of strength and weakness

While going through the previous papers, it is vital that you need to note down the areas you are familiar with, the areas you are strong in and the areas you are weak in. Identifying the areas of weakness is essential to strengthen them. Note them down clearly.

  • Collecting resources

There are plenty of resources available for the bank exams both online and offline. Collect all the materials, newspapers and books in advance to be hassle-free and this saves time during the preparation.


  • Making a top-notch and PRACTICAL Time table

While preparing for any exams especially, it is crucial to make a time table which is practical and doable considering your capabilities without getting lost or disheartened. Write all the topics and allow proper time for each topic depending on your level of speed and understanding. Allot at least 6-8 hours per day if you want to crack it in your first attempt.

  • Sticking to the time table

Making the time table is one thing which is easy and exciting but sticking to it needs a lot of effort and perseverance. Allot proper slots for different topics and also make a separate time slot for doubts and clarifications. Stick to the time table no matter what. Discipline is a must when coming to competitive exams. Note down the doubts aside and go back through them in the allotted time slot to avoid time waste.

  • Be away from distractions

It sounds so easy but the most difficult thing to do nowadays with all the distractions airing around us. When sticking to the time table it is must to put your mobile phones and all the other distractions away. Be motivated and self-driven, even with a mark difference, you will be lost in the herd of the huge ratio of applicants.


  • Practice, practice, and practice

If you want to clear the bank exam in the first attempt then ‘DO or DIE’ should be your go-to mantra. You need to practice and practice all day. Basics are the foundation. Learn the basics clearly and start with the preparation. Don’t write practice papers in the beginning and lose your confidence. Start slowly with the basics and hone them.

  • Working on the time

Time is the most pivotal thing when comes to bank exams and which differentiates you from others. To be the one from the thousands of applicants, you need to improve the problem-solving time and it comes from a lot of rigorous practice. Make mistakes, learn from them, and apply different strategies which take less time. The practice is the only key. No shortcuts. The hard you work, the speed you get.

  • Reality check

You need to write online tests regularly and check your growth and performance. Be honest with yourself. Mistakes are always the secret to success. So make more mistakes, learn and adapt yourself through the difficulty and also through the patterns. Don’t lose confidence. Winners don’t happen overnight. Work hard like there is no tomorrow.

Voila, you are now all set to go. Coaching or no coaching, it YOU who need to work hard. Get away with the confusion and take your pen and start practicing. Just three words- PLAN, STRATEGIZE, IMPLEMENT

Wish you good luck!

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