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FIFA World Cup Match Schedule 2018 Download FIFA World Cup Match List PDF at www.fifa.com


Update 25-06-2018: FIFA World Cup Match Schedule 2018 has been revealed. Download the FIFA World Cup Match List PDF at www.fifa.com

FIFA World Cup Match Schedule 2018 Russia

The FIFA World Cup 2018 is going to be organized from 14th June 2018 to 15th July 2018 at various places. The FIFA World Cup is one of the biggest sports trophies which organizes after four years. Those people want to get the FIFA World Cup Match List PDF they should read the below details and download the pdf at the official website i.e. www.fifa.com.

Russia FIFA World Cup Teams 2018 Details

This time 40 teams are going to take part in the FIFA World Cup 2018. The game will be played between teams and groups. The team wise group details are mentioned below.


Teams Name

Group A

Russia, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Uruguay
Group B

Portugal, Spain, Morocco, Iran

Group C

France, Australia, Peru, Denmark
Group D

Argentina, Iceland, Croatia, Nigeria

Group E

Brazil, Switzerland, Costa Rica, Serbia
Group F

Germany, Mexico, Sweden, South Korea

Group G

Belgium, Panama, Tunisia, England
Group H

Poland, Senegal, Colombia, Japan

FIFA Russia World Cup Match List 2018 PDF

The FIFA World Cup Match Time Table 2018 is mentioned below. You can gain the teams name, match timing, match date and match venue details from the below table.

Teams NameMatch TimingMatch DateStadium / Venue
Russia VS Saudi Arabia (A)04:00 PM GMT14th June 2018Moscow (Luzhniki)
Egypt VS Uruguay (A)01:00 PM

15th June 2018


Morocco VS Iran (B)04:00 PMSt Petersburg
Portugal VS Spain (B)07:00 PMSochi
France VS Australia (C)11:00 AM

16th June 2018


Argentina VS Iceland (D)02:00 PMMoscow (Spartak)
Peru VS Denmark (C)05:00 PMSaransk
Croatia VS Nigeria (D)08:00 PMKaliningrad
Costa Rica VS Serbia (E)01:00 PM17th June 2018SAMara
Germany VS Mexico (F)04:00 PMMoscow (Luzhniki)
Brazil VS Switzerland (E)07:00 PMRostoVS-on-Don
Sweden VS South Korea (F)01:00 PM

18th June 2018


Nizhny NoVSgorod
Belgium VS PanAMa (G)04:00 PMSochi
Tunisia VS England (G)07:00 PMVSolgograd
Poland VS Senegal (H)01:00 PM

19th June 2018


Moscow (Spartak)
Colombia VS Japan (H)04:00 PMSaransk
Russia VS Egypt (A)07:00 PMSt Petersburg
Portugal VS Morocco (B)01:00 PM

20th June 2018


Moscow (Luzhniki)
Uruguay VS Saudi Arabia (A)04:00 PMRostoVS-on-Don
Iran VS Spain (B)07:00 PMKazan
France VS Peru (C)01:00 PM

21st June 2018


Denmark VS Australia (C)04:00 PMSAMara
Argentina VS Croatia (D)07:00 PMNizhny NoVSgorod
Brazil VS Costa Rica (E)01:00 PM

22nd June 2018


St Petersburg
Nigeria VS Iceland (D)04:00 PMVSolgograd
Serbia VS Switzerland (E)07:00 PMKaliningrad
Belgium VS Tunisia (G)01:00 PM

23rd June 2018


Moscow (Spartak)
Germany VS Sweden (F)04:00 PMSochi
South Korea VS Mexico (F)07:00 PMRostoVS-on-Don
England VS PanAMa (G)01:00 PM

24th June 2018


Nizhny NoVSgorod
Japan VS Senegal (H)04:00 PMEkaterinburg
Poland VS Colombia (H)07:00 PMKazan
Uruguay VS Russia (A)03:00 PM

25th June 2018


Saudi Arabia VS Egypt (A)03:00 PMVSolgograd
Spain VS Morocco (B)07:00 PMKaliningrad
Iran VS Portugal (B)07:00 PMSaransk
Denmark VS France (C)03:00 PM

26th June 2018


Moscow (Luzhniki)
Australia VS Peru (C)03:00 PMSochi
Nigeria VS Argentina (D)07:00 PMSt Petersburg
Iceland VS Croatia (D)07:00 PMRostoVS-on-Don
South Korea VS Germany (F)03:00 PM

27th June 2018


Mexico VS Sweden (F)03:00 PMEkaterinburg
Serbia VS Brazil (E)07:00 PMMoscow (Spartak)
Switzerland VS Costa Rica (E)07:00 PMNizhny NoVSgorod
Japan VS Poland (H)03:00 PM

28th June 2018


Senegal VS Colombia (H)03:00 PMSAMara
England VS Belgium (G)07:00 PMKaliningrad
PanAMa VS Tunisia (G)07:00 PMSaransk
1C VS 2D (Match 50)03:00 PM

30th June 2018


1A VS 2B (Match 49)07:00 PMSochi
1B VS 2A (Match 51)03:00 PM

01st July 2018


1D VS 2C (Match 52)07:00 PMNizhny NoVSgorod
1E VS 2F (Match 53)03:00 PM

02nd July 2018


1G VS 2H (Match 54)07:00 PMRostoVS-on-Don
1F VS 2E (Match 55)03:00 PM

03rd July 2018


St Petersburg
1H VS 2G (Match 56)07:00 PMMoscow (Spartak)
Winner 49 VS winner 50 (57)03:00 PM

06th July 2018


Nizhny NoVSgorod
Winner 53 VS winner 54 (58)07:00 PMKazan
Winner 55 VS winner 56 (60)03:00 PM

07th July 2018


Winner 51 VS winner 52 (59)07:00 PMSochi
Winner 57 VS winner 5807:00 PM10th July 2018St Petersburg
Winner 59 VS winner 6007:00 PM11th July 2018Moscow (Luzhniki)
Losers of two semi-finals03:00 PM14th July 2018St Petersburg
Winners of two-semi-finals04:00 PM

15th July 2018


Moscow (Luzhniki)


Process to Download FIFA World Cup Match Time Table 2018

  1. First of all, go to the FIFA official website.
  2. Then check out the homepage navigation bar and click on the FIFA World Cup Match Schedule 2018.
  3. Now open the link and press the Download FIFA World Cup Match List PDF.
  4. The pdf will appear on the computer screen.
  5. Get the hard copy of the pdf for your enjoyment and time arrangements for the matches.

[gview file=”https://ans6.in/wp-content/uploads/2018/03/fifa-world-cup-2018-schedule.pdf”]

FIFA Official Website: www.fifa.com

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