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Here’s Why You Should Try ‘Buy Online For Shopify POS’ – And How


Shopify ‘Buy Online’ Button empowers you to leverage showrooming to your advantage. 

The Option of Online Shopping While In-Store

Shopify launched the ‘Buy Online’ Button for Shopify POS, to enable physical stores to avoid losing sales to online sellers. Most customers indulge in showrooming and price comparison while they’re shopping. After looking at the products on your shelf, they may decide to buy online.

The Buy Online Button enables your staff to create an email cart for the customer, with all the items they want. They can then send this virtual cart to the customer’s email ID, with a link to your eCommerce site’s checkout. The customer can complete the order through that link, thus ensuring you don’t lose sales to a competitor.

Because the online order is credited to the salesperson at your store who created the email cart for the customer. Read more to understand how to keep your staff motivated to use the Email Cart to increase sales.

Five Reason To Try The Buy Online Button

Still doubtful about the usefulness of adding the Buy Online Button to your Shopify POS? Consider some of the benefits:

  • Leverage The Power Of The Mobile Platform

According to a Think With Google Survey, 82% of smartphone users do research on their phones while shopping. 

With Shopify POS Buy Online Button, your sales staff can spot shoppers who are showrooming. They can approach them with the option to select the items they want to buy and order it online later – at your own online store. 

They get all the conveniences of shopping online combined with the benefit of examining the products at your store. They can complete the order later at any time they want, avoid checkout queues, and get home delivery.

  • Help Customers Avoid Long Checkout Lines

Avoid long queues with ‘Buy Online’ for Shopify POS

During the holiday season or on special sales days like Cyber Monday and Black Friday there will be long queues at the checkout. Customers can get tired of waiting to complete their purchases. Using the Email Cart facility you can provide customers the option of creating a virtual shopping cart to match their physical cart. You can then email this cart to their email ID, to complete the order at their convenience at your online store.

This can also help reduce workload for your checkout staff during these hectic periods and reduce the length of checkout lines. 

  • Offer Discounting To Close The Sales

Customers prefer online shopping not just for the convenience of avoiding checkout lines but also for cheaper deals online. So even if you email a virtual cart to them and they find a better deal, they may still decide to buy at another shop. To prevent this, send a discount code to match prices with a prime competitor. In fact, add this discount code to the Email cart in the first place, to entice the customer to complete the order

  • Be Free Of Out-Of-Stock Worries

One of the main concerns in retail is running out of stock on popular products. Many customers are put off by this inconvenience. With the email cart feature, you can help the customer to create a virtual shopping cart so that the order can be fulfilled through your online channel.

  • Turn Window Shoppers Into Customers

Window Shoppers and those who enter your shop just to look at product selections are all potential customers. Buy Online is a tag that can get them interested. Giving them the convenience of selecting the products in-store and ordering them online is an additional attraction to buy at your shop. Adding a discount for first purchases can be an even better motivation.

How To Setup an EMail Cart?

Here’s a short tutorial on how to set up an Email Cart for your customer:

  • From your Shopify POS dashboard use the email cart facility to create a virtual shopping cart filled with the customer’s product selections at your store
  • You can modify the Shopping Cart by providing line discount, special customer discount, etc
    • You can also add cart notes
    • You can add shipping rates, customized taxes, etc

Tap the . . . Button

  • Tap the . . . button on the order screen when you are ready to send the cart
  • Tap om Email Cart
  • Fill in the customer details
    • For an existing customer, enter the Customer ID and all the details including the email address will be filled in for you
    • You can, however, change the email address the cart should be sent to, without affecting other customer details
  • Add a subject and a message to the email if you want, then tap send.

The Email Cart is sent to the customer and it’s also saved as a draft order on Shopify. Once the customer completes the purchase online, it will be saved as a completed order. You can check this in the Orders section of your Shopify POS dashboard.

Shopify Buy Online Button can get more customers to buy, prevent loss of sales through showrooming, and also loss of sales because of long queues or out-of-stock issues. Competition from online retailers is a challenge for many brick and mortar stores. Innovative techniques like the Email Cart for Shopify POS can help reduce the impact of online competition

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